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Rebel Community Sport Champions | Autumn

SportWest and rebel Sport are thrilled to announce the outstanding individuals who have been named the rebel Sport Community Sport Champions for the Autumn Season. These champions have not only excelled in their athletic endeavours but have also significantly enriched their communities through their passion and dedication.

Congratulations to James Jennings (Fencing WA), Holly Peach (Fencing WA) and Amanda Plummer (Lacrosse WA).

Amanda Plummer | Lacrosse

Wembley Lacrosse President, Amanda Plummer has been instrumental in bringing the Club together. This autumn, she has navigated the usual challenges of managing a club, such as rallying committee members and preparing teams for play. In addition, she coordinated the clubroom rebuild with the local council, holding on-site development meetings before her regular full-time job. Amanda has adeptly managed conflicts between committee members and the coach, making people feel safe and heard. Furthermore, Amanda has taken the lead in supporting the club through the recent tragic passing of club member Callum Robinson and his brother Jake. She has been in contact with Sport West and the WA Association for Mental Health (WAAMH) to organise counselling and ongoing support for club members. Amanda is truly the heart of the Wembley Lacrosse Club.

James Jennings | Fencing

At the age of nine, keen Fencer, James Jennings has been awarded our rebel Sport Community Volunteer Champion for the Season of Autumn. In June 2023, James was diagnosed with Stage 3 Kidney Cancer, and in a whirlwind few days, sadly had his left kidney removed, followed by rounds of Chemo and Radiation. Consequently, James was unable to compete or fence, throughout 2023/2024, however, did not hinder James’ love and dedication. James continued to come to the club, do the footwork, assist the coaches, support new beginners and demonstrate the basics with plastic swords. Even at the end of year wind up, knowing he could not have any of the food, drink, James still turned up and supported his Club and Club mates. In 2024, James had to wait for his Oncologist to clear him for sport, which he did patiently. He is carefully returning to training but continues to cheerfully assist and be a stellar volunteer. Congratulations James, you are a legend in our eyes.

Holly Peach | Fencing
Holly is a remarkably talented individual who shines brightly and is making incredible strides as a young athlete. Her journey to success has been marked by impressive achievements, notably clinching the title of U13 State Epee Girls Champion in 2022, followed by an exceptional double victory as both U13 and U15 State Epee Girls Champion in 2023. In recent months, Holly’s performances have soared to new heights at the Ellenbrook Fencing Club, where she now frequently contends for the top spot, often finishing as the runner-up to the club’s reigning number one fencer.

Congratulations once again to Amanda Plummer, James Jennings, and Holly Peach on their well-deserved recognition as Community Sport Champions!

Nominations for Winter are now open (1 June – 31 August 2024) , are now open and can be submitted HERE. Nominations close 5:00PM, Friday 6 September, 2024.

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