True Sport Mental Health Champions Network

What is the True Sport Mental Health Champions Network?

The True Sport Mental Health Champion Network is a network of SportWest Member representatives who will champion the mental health and wellbeing messages in their respective organisations, and become vehicles for information, resources and guidance 

This network is not an advisory group, but rather an opportunity to connect and unite in our aim to reduce stigma around mental health and wellbeing in community sport, and to better support clubs and stakeholders.   

This network aims to: 

  • Act as information conduits between SportWest, as the peak body for sport in WA, and the respective member sporting organisations, for trusted, credible sources of mental health and wellbeing information.  
  • Create a safe and encouraging platform for ongoing connection and collaboration between industry professionals. 
  • Share feedback and experiences to be on-shared with the True Sport Advisory Group for consideration.  
  • Deepen individuals’ knowledge and skills in the mental health and wellbeing sector to work towards overall increased education and awareness within the community.  
  • Mental Health Champions Network individuals drive and imitation/reiteration of the network structure within their own organisations.  

What is the role of a Mental Health Champion?

Mental Health Champions are representatives from sporting organisations who work to promote a mental health agenda in their individual organisations. No qualifications are needed and the resources, elearning and workshops provide all the information needed to succeed in the role. 

A Mental Health Champion is the driver within their State Sporting Association (SSA) creating and promoting supportive mental health environments. The role provides support and direction on mental health and wellbeing matters as well as help drive positive culture. 

To download an infographic on the role of a Mental Health Champion here!

How do I become a Mental Health Champion?

Process to join the network is as follows: 


After completing the above learning, participants will receive an email inviting them to join the network communication channels, offering ongoing connection opportunities such as network get-togethers and webinars (pending ongoing funding). Interest in joining the network prior to completing the eLearning and workshops is welcomed, with the expectation that the interested individual completes these trainings at first opportunity.  

Ready to start your Mental Health Champion journey?

This course and accompanying resources are designed to increase your mental health knowledge and skills. It will also empower you to help build on the positive benefits that sport already has on member’s mental health and wellbeing.

Access our newly developed, free eLearning course for mental health and wellbeing for sport administrators here!

These workshops will help State Sporting Association staff to embed True Sport – Mental Health and Wellbeing resources within their sporting context and become Mental Health Champions. Participants will learn skills appropriate for a sport administrator to respond to mental health issues and help promote positive mental health and wellbeing outcomes. Workshops attendees will also be supported to brainstorm and develop a draft mental health and wellbeing strategy to take back to their sporting organisation.

Register for our next workshop on Tuesday, 27th February 2024 here!


The True Sport Mental Health Champion Network events are coming soon!

These events allow for knowledge sharing across all sports where mental health champions can discuss learnings, experiences and mental health best practise in sport. This provides sporting organisations the opportunity to learn from each other and brainstorm an approach that suits their own sport environment. All members are welcome no matter their experience or sports current engagement with mental health.

All events will be e-invites so be sure to keep an eye on your inbox.

Want more information?

Interested in becoming a Mental Health Champion and joining the Network? Contact Caitlin Spencer, Mental Health & Wellbeing Project Lead via email

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