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“True Sport speaks directly to addressing some of the most pressing areas facing community football club volunteers as the game grow rapidly. This initiative has allowed Football West to amplify messages and share dedicated resources which clubs can trust are designed with their needs in mind. It’s by sport, for sport, which gives our clubs confidence. Football West has started promoting and embedding the resources into our Building Stronger Clubs program for all clubs and associations in the state to access. We look forward to further bringing True Sport to life at club environments to enhance participant experiences as the season kicks off in 2024.”‘

Abid Imam, Football West


“Sport has the ability to connect community like no other. It is often the hub in a community where people go to connect and belong. It is the place where people turn in times of need and importantly sport connects community when community needs it most. The True Sport initiative, implemented by Sport West, has been a game changer in WA Sport that seeks to create environments and experiences that enhance the safety, connection and belonging that Western Australians can achieve through their local sporting club.

The program that has been developed by the sports industry, for the sports industry, has had (and will continue to have) a direct impact in supporting sports, administrators and volunteers right across WA. The program is agile enough to meet the evolving needs required by the industry and to streamline the delivery of initiatives to make a significant difference. The ability of True Sport to really look to increase the capability and capacity of those involved is a first for sport in WA. The initiatives of Child Safeguarding, Mental Health & Wellbeing and Sideline Behaviour are three areas that the industry requires support, and the ability to pull together, to collectively achieve outcomes. True Sport, led by Sport West is doing this. However, there is still so much more that can be established to support sport across the State.

Troy Kirkham, WA Football Commission


True Sport is considered by our Foundation as a vital partner and a core supporter of our work. Our organisation is a charity with five staff and a growing volunteer base. The expertly curated programs, services and initiatives that True Sport offers the Western Australian sporting community therefore serve as a critical aid. Utilising these offerings and the support of True Sport staff has significantly enhanced our capacity to support our participants and create a positive sporting environment for the communities we serve.

Brent Hedley, Football Futures Foundation


It is of great value that True Sport recognises some of the common challenges faced by the sport industry. By creating tangible resources that sports can adapt to fit with their own images and logos, True Sport initiatives will be easily utilised by sports.

As a medium-sized State Sporting Association, Triathlon WA is often only in a positive to be reactive about the issues of Sideline Behaviours, Child Safeguarding and Mental Health. The True Sport resources enable us to become more proactive and start to elevate the sport.

Olivia Birkett, Tennis West

True Sport is being your best. For Everyone. And Every Sport.

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