True Sport Mental Health and Wellbeing Training: E-Learning & Workshops

SportWest members have access to a newly developed eLearning course for mental health and wellbeing for sport administrators. Please note that the eLearning course and workshops have been developed and funded for State Sporting Associations and equivalent administrators.

Limited places are available so we are unable to provide places for club and community volunteers at this stage. We hope to be able to provide club and community specific training in the future. 

Access the eLearning here!

These workshops will help State Sporting Association staff to embed True Sport – Mental Health and Wellbeing resources within their sporting context and become Mental Health Champions. Participants will learn skills appropriate for a sport administrator to respond to mental health issues and help promote positive mental health and wellbeing outcomes. Workshops attendees will also be supported to brainstorm and develop a draft mental health and wellbeing strategy to take back to their sporting organisation.

Register for our next online workshop on Tuesday 28 May, 2024 from 12pm – 4pm here!


The Mental Health Champion Network is set to  launch in February 2024 with further details to be communicated soon!

Mental Health Champions Network Event

Mental Health Champions are representatives from sporting organisations who work to promote a mental health agenda in their individual organisations. No qualifications are needed and the resources, elearning and workshops provide all the information needed to succeed in the role. These network events allow for knowledge sharing across all sports where mental health champions can discuss learnings, experiences and mental health best practise in sport. This provides sporting organisations the opportunity to learn from each other and brainstorm an approach that suits their own sport environment. All members are welcome no matter their experience or sports current engagement with mental health.

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