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As an incorporated association, SportWest is governed by its Rules of Association. This set of rules is widely known as a Constitution.

The SportWest Constitution includes all rules of the organisation and aims to regulate the overall management of the incorporated association. It provides important matters including: management committee elections, meetings and financial records.

SportWest Constitution February 2023

The Governance Principles document details the five key principles of effective governance that have been adopted by the SportWest Board, incorporating:

  1. Clear delineation of governance roles
  2. Conduct of meetings and business
  3. Effective governance controls
  4. Governance improvement
  5. Member responsiveness

SportWest Governance Principles

The purpose of the Board Governance Charter is to establish an effective governance framework for SportWest to promote a consistent standard of corporate governance practice that promotes sound and prudent management in the interests of all stakeholders. The Charter sets out the responsibilities of the SportWest Board as well as the key protocols for the operation of the Board.

2022 SportWest Governance Charter

The Risk Management Framework is comprised of a Policy, Plan and Register that work in unison to mitigate SportWest’s risk. The ongoing assessment and review of the Framework ensures effectiveness and relevance.

The Risk Management Policy outlines the risk management culture of SportWest and the commitment and expectations of the Board for the management of risk.

The Risk Management Plan is designed to guide the implementation of the Risk Management Policy.

The Risk Register is a reporting tool designed to centrally store all strategic and operational risk information.

Aligned with our SportWest values, of Leadership, Respect, Advancement and Engagement, we hold an unwavering commitment to fostering safe environments for children and young individuals participating in sports across Western Australia.

We aim to lead our industry in this space, and we firmly believe that child safeguarding is not just a priority but a fundamental cornerstone of our organisation.

We pledge to uphold the highest standards of safety, implementing comprehensive measures to protect the well-being and dignity of every child involved in sport throughout the state, ensuring every child is respected.

We aim to advance our industry through continuous education, rigorous policy review, and proactive initiatives.

By actively engaging with our members, we strive to ensure that SportWest remains a beacon of safety, trust, and support for all young participants, their families, and our community at large.

We hold a zero-tolerance attitude towards negative behaviours and/or actions that threaten the integrity and safety of our sporting environments for children and young people.

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