Partnership with Club Respect

SportWest have partnered with Club Respect to provide sport-tailored resources to assist the sporting industry to build and maintain a deep culture of respect and provide tools to encourage behavioural change on the sidelines.

Established in 2018, Club Respect is a national harm-prevention initiative of the Dugdale Trust for Women & Girls of which the Victorian Women’s Trust is Trustee. The Victorian Women’s Trust has a track record of over 30 years of advocacy, research, collaboration and special initiatives to achieve gender equality.

A Critical Friends Group, composed of sports club leaders at all levels, came together two years prior to the Club Respect launch. Their collective efforts scrutinised, enhanced, provided guidance, and moulded the resources to ensure their relevance to sports clubs. To date, Club Respect’s AWESOME framework has been delivered as a workshop to more than 70 clubs representing various sports codes.

Respect is the best defence against abuse and inappropriate attitudes and behaviours, on and off the sidelines.

Get this right at club level and people thrive, feel safe, and can enjoy the pleasures and opportunities that sport provides.

Whether you’re a coach, committee member, team manager, president, volunteer, parent, supporter or player, Club Respect gives you simple and effective strategies to make a positive impact in and around your club.

True Sport Club Respect resources place a ‘right actions’ lens over each of these roles. We encourage you to print them out if possible and hand them to the people in your club who you think will benefit.

For more information visit the Club Respect website.


True Sport Club Respect Resources - Top tips for people in your sport!

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