True Sport - Employee Assistance Program & Volunteer Assistance Program

SportWest are pleased to announce that an Employees Assistance Program (EAP) and Volunteer Assistance Program (VAP) is being piloted to strengthen the industry. Through generous support from DLGSC, SportWest have partnered with Access Wellbeing Services (AWS) to provide mental health and wellbeing counselling and critical incident response to the WA sporting community.   

Member State Sporting Associations (SSAs) and equivalents with less than 30 FTE staff are eligible to participate in the pilot program running from 1st of November 2023 – 30th of June 2024.  

The program will provide limited access to free and confidential EAP counselling for SSA staff members working in the industry. Additionally, VAP critical incident response counselling will be available for SSAs to provide to their community and clubs.  

EAP and VAP services critical in nature may be accessed automatically by eligible and participating SSAs by contacting AWS directly. SSA staff should inform AWS that they are part of the SportWest program and provide the name of their organisation.  

*Please note that services may only be accessed by member SSA staff. Community members and clubs will need to contact their State Sporting Association to access support on their behalf. *  

If you feel someone is at an immediate risk, or is in a life threatening situation – call triple zero (000). The Community Links page provides contact details for a range mental health service providers.  

Visit the True Sport EAP-VAP FAQ (FAQ) for more information on the program.  

To register for the program, please check your eligibility in the FAQ and email for next steps and any questions.  

Don’t forget to check out the Critical Incident Response Plan and other resources in the eToolkit section for additional support for your organisation and community.