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Western Australia has a rich history of great sporting teams and the Team of the Year Award recognises outstanding performance by WA sides.

To be eligible, a team must be an officially recognised State team or WA-based team competing at a national level, a team representing Australia comprised solely of athletes eligible in either the Sports Star or Junior Sports Star categories, or a team registered and based in a WA club e.g. 1983 America’s Cup crew.

Past Winners

2022 West Coast Fever

2021 Perth Scorchers WBBL

2020 WA Women’s Cricket Team

2019 Perth Wildcats

2018 West Coast Eagles

2017 Perth Wildcats

2016 Perth Wildcats

2015 Perth Scorchers

2014 Perth Wildcats

2013 Australian Girls 420 Sailing

2012 Jesse Phillips & Stephen Bird

2011 Jesse Phillips & Stephen Bird

2010 Perth Wildcats

2009 Perth Wildcats

2008 Australian Women’s 470 Sailing

2007 WA Diamonds

2006 West Coast Eagles AFL Team

2005 Natalie Bale & Sarah Outhwaite

2004 Tessa Parkinson & Elise Rechichi

2003 Perth Glory Soccer Team

2002 WA Hoby 16 Sailing Team

2001 Western Australian Rifle Team

2000 Perth Wildcats Basketball Team

1999 WA King’s Cup Rowing Team

1998 The Western Warriors Cricket Team

1997 Perth Heat Baseball Team

1996 Australian Women’s Beach

1996 Volleyball Team

1995 Perth Wildcats Basketball Team

1994 West Coast Eagles AFL Team

1993 Perth Thundersticks Hockey Team

1993 WAIS Breakers Basketball Team

1992 West Coast Eagles AFL Team

1991 Perth Wildcats Basketball Team

1991 WA Women’s Hockey Team

1990 Perth Wildcats Basketball Team

1990 WA Women’s Hockey Team

1989 WA Men’s Cricket Team

1989 WA Women’s Golf Team

1988 WA Men’s Cricket Team

1988 WA Women’s Hockey Team

1987 WA Men’s Cricket Team

1986 WA Men’s Cricket Team

1985 Crew of Australia III

1984 WA Men’s Cricket Team

1984 WA State Football Team

1983 Crew of Australia II

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