What is True Sport?

True Sport provides a cohesive, all-sport approach to align values, culture and practices of sport delivery across WA and enrich the sport experience for all participants.

True Sport aims to provide specialised support for sports to tackle industry challenges. As the overarching umbrella brand, there’s currently three initiatives;

  • True Sport Mental Health & Wellbeing;  
  • True Sport Child Safeguarding, and;  
  • True Sport Sideline Behaviour  


The framework for a long-term, sustainable approach to safeguard, support and equip the industry from now and into the future. It’s all about creating the environment for sport in Western Australia that allows the industry to thrive and prosper for generations to come. 

With the support of the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (DLGSC), the redevelopment of True Sport aims to streamline communication, and deliver initiatives run through sport in WA, in a consistent and considered way ensuring the sport experience remains the priority. 

What Resources are available for sporting organisations to utilise?

  • Each initiative has a respective set of resources tailored to the WA Sporting landscape, designed to support both industry professionals and club and community volunteers on their journey to creating safe, fun and welcoming sporting experiences for all.  
  • Resources are annually reviewed and adapting to the WA Sport Industry. Vehicles of information for the resources include (but are not limited to) eLearnings, webinars, workshops, editable materials, communication templates, community links and more.  

How is SportWest engaging with the WA sporting community to inform True Sport?

  • SportWest is committed to leveraging the valuable knowledge and perspective of WA Sport administrators to ensure that True Sport continues to be developed for the industry, by the industry.
  • The True Sport Advisory Group will guide future initiatives and provide advice from various perspectives of the sporting industry, ensuring relevance and shared outcomes.

True Sport is being your best. For Everyone. And Every Sport.

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Mental Health & Wellbeing

Child Safeguarding

Sideline Behaviour

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