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AIS Concussion and Brain Health Position Statement Released

SportWest acknowledges the release of the Concussion and Brain Health Position Statement from the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) earlier today, which brings together the most recent evidence-based information.  The AIS has collaborated extensively with Sports Medicine Australia, the Australian Physiotherapy Association, and the Australasian College of Sport and Exercise Physicians to inform this latest update. 

The Youth and Community Sport Guidelines have been developed with the Australian and New Zealand governments to provide information about recognising concussion symptoms and best treatment processes. The guidelines provide all Australians with a clear, consistent, and strong message on how to manage concussion in sport, as well as addressing a number of recommendations from the Senate Inquire into concussion and repeated head trauma in contact sports.   

SportWest acknowledges this as another step forward in achieving consistency across sport in our community both in Australia and internationally. 

“Sport delivers a range of social and economic benefits to communities throughout Western Australia”, said SportWest Acting CEO Ashleigh Apps. 

“We know numerous sports in Western Australia have been progressive in the implementation of practices to protect the health and wellbeing of participants in community sport.  With this release from the AIS, we’re welcoming of the updated document to help our members and the wider sport industry continue to integrate best practice within their organisations. We recognise the need to keep participants safe, especially protecting the welfare of young people, and encourage life-long involvement in community sport”, said Mrs Apps. 

“With sport delivering so many physical and mental health benefits to a value of $10.3 billion in WA alone every year, we’re pleased to be able to reference the latest advice to provide appropriate return-to-play steps for participants”, she said. 

Since early 2023, SportWest has collaborated with the Department of Local Government, Sport & Cultural Industries (DLGSC) and representatives from across the WA sports industry and education sector with the establishment of the WA Sports Industry Concussion Working Group. We will continue to work with this group and other stakeholders to support the implementation of the new guidelines.  

The updated Position Statement follows the Senate Inquiry into Concussions and repeated head trauma in contact sports released in September 2023, which among its recommendations, suggested the development of consistent return-to-play protocols for sport participants. 

Read the Australian Sports Commissions Statement HERE.

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