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Girls Can Play | Wall of Fame Exhibition pays homage to women in sport

Working alongside the Team at Forrest Chase, SportWest are pleased to announce the launch of the Girls Can Play Campaign, a new wall of fame exhibition located in Forrest Chase, recognising Western Australian women in sport.

Unveiled on International Women’s Day, Girls Can Play has been curated in collaboration with, and pays homage to three prominent West Australian female sports teams: Perth Scorchers, Perth Lynx and West Coast Fever.

Each of the three interactive displays aim to inspire visitors using moving elements that depict the key traits that it takes to become a sports hero. Highlighting the courage, strength and grit that it takes to achieve success as a woman in sport, visitors will bring to life the cricket, basketball and netball as each display reacts to the push of a button, before the faces of key sportswomen from each team are revealed.

In addition to the three teams recognised in the wall of fame, Forrest Chase has also commissioned a fourth interactive display that aims to inspire all visitors to pursue their dreams in sport. The final display in the wall of fame highlights how female sports heroes play an important role in sowing the seed for younger generations to dream big and follow their passions to pursue a career in sport.

SportWest CEO, Matt Fulton says the Girls Can Play, Wall of Fame Exhibition is testament to the strength and resilience of women in sport. “Today we celebrate the success of West Australian female athletes, and I would like to think that the Girls Can Play Exhibition launching today can be a catalyst for further change” 

“This exhibition is a fantastic initiative that will help inspire women of all ages to dream big and continue to pave the path for future generations” 

SportWest is proud to support the Women of Sport Network, promoting gender equity within the WA sporting industry. SportWest encourages anyone working within the WA Sports Industry, and interested in joining the Women of Sport Network, to please contact our team. 

For more information on the Girls Can Play wall of fame at Forrest Chase, visit: https://forrestchase.com.au/whatson/women-in-sport/

Photographer: Harry Cunningham

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