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Information regarding interstate travel for sporting events

We are aware that in the coming months some National Sporting Organisations have National Championships and events scheduled. Whilst it is evident that many of these are being cancelled or rescheduled there still may be a few that are resulting in State Sporting Associations needing to make a decision (or to provide advice to travelling teams from clubs) on whether to send athletes to compete in such events. Particular questions have been raised where a National event is being held in a State or Territory currently classified as a low or very low risk by the WA Government, which may have athletes participating from medium or extreme risk states (according to the WA Government classification system). The following points should be considered when making a determination as to whether you choose to send athletes to such events:

WA’s Controlled Borders are in place and conditions for travel are relevant based on the jurisdiction you will be travelling to regardless of the competitors you will face. For information regarding travel restrictions from specific jurisdictions please see > https://www.wa.gov.au/organisation/covid-communications/covid-19-coronavirus-controlled-border

Covid is a rapidly changing situation and we would recommend all SSA’s strongly consider the potential personal impacts should a States risk classification change whilst they are travelling. Anyone travelling and parents (where relevant) should also be advised of their responsibility for costs, arrangements and the impact of changes to the border restrictions.

We would encourage SSA’s to have discussions with NSO’s about postponing National events scheduled, should they not have done so already, due to the uncertainty with Covid and the implications on border restrictions to Western Australian athletes.

SSA’s and relevant clubs should also ensure they are aware of coverage provided by their insurer, which in the case of pandemic related impacts may not be covered by their policy or other travel related insurance.

We have been given advice that WA Police will not issue exemptions to any border restrictions to a person travelling under these circumstances.

Whilst choosing not to send athletes to a National Championship is an extremely difficult decision to make and we feel for all those such a decision impacts, we would urge our Members and all State Sporting Associations to take a conservative approach to this decision as we expect border restrictions will remain in place for some time to come.

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