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True Sport Announcement

Sport is central to communities throughout Western Australia, it is the setting that transforms people. Where a jersey has the power to bring individuals together as a team, a tribe, a community – living shared values across the journey, breaking down barriers and creating a sense of belonging and shared purpose.

It’s the setting that helps us develop resilience, perseverance, leadership skills, nurture mental and physical health outcomes and strengthen community connections.

The community sport landscape is a product of the 5,500 sporting clubs around the state, their passionate Committees and team of volunteers and the State Sport Associations that support them in ensuring sport is available to all West Australians.

The social and economic value that community sport contributes to society is quantified at $10.3 billion per annum and it’s a system that relies on 41.9 million hours of volunteer time. In fact, for every 3 participants in community sport there is 1 volunteer, a vital component that must be supported in the delivery of sport.

Therefore, it is fitting that after 12 months of extensive review, we are pleased to announce that the McGowan Government has today committed to funding the initial phase of planning and development of a reinvigorated True Sport initiative.

True Sport will be designed for the industry by the industry, it considers all components of sport delivery in Western Australia, from State Sporting Associations, to administrators, clubs, officials, volunteers, coaches, parents, players, participants, and competitors.

True Sport will equip WA sporting associations and clubs to support their members at a whole new level – encouraging behaviour change, increasing participation, building life skills and positively contributing to local communities. True Sport will be different to any other initiative in the country and encourages a consistent experience across all codes, and all seasons.

Importantly True Sport won’t be about asking the sector to do more, it’s about streamlining, providing practical information and tools and supporting the community sport system in delivering an enriched sporting experience.

Practically speaking, when finalised, True Sport will deliver strong public messaging and advocacy, coupled with accessible tools and resources for the industry to continue to grow grassroots sport, based on a strong culture built on values.

SportWest has worked in partnership with the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, a range of Advisory Groups and all levels of community sport over a 12-month period to develop a plan for the future generation of community sport in Western Australia.

Today’s announcement allows SportWest to commence the development of the first phase of the True Sport initiative and we look forward to continuing the collaborative approach with our Members, the Government and the broad community sport network.

SportWest will now commence an intensive development phase, to keep up to date with the True Sport initiative sign-up to receive information visit HERE

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