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Who will be the winner of the inaugural Sport Initiative of the Year?

The Sport Initiative of the Year award recognises the work of individuals, clubs, teams, groups or organisations (including SSAs) who have succeeded in enabling more people to participate in sport activities within their community.

The finalists for the inaugural award, as determined by the Community Sport Selection Panel, are: WA Football Concussion Management Initiative (Australian Rules Football), Team Connect (Cricket) and WA Cricket Foundation (Cricket)

WA Football Concussion Management Initiative (Australian Rules Football)
The West Australian Football Commission (WAFC) established a best practice Concussion Management initiative that looks to prioritise the Health, Safety and Wellbeing of all participants from juniors right through to WAFL players across both male and female segments. This program supports the retention and acquisition of participants in sport, not just football, through ensuring the provision of safe experiences and subsequently providing participants with the benefits that we know that sport can deliver across communities.

Team Connect (Cricket)
Team Connect is a free community engagement program that supports teenage girls from traditionally low participation groups to play cricket at their local club. Team Connect creates opportunities to make positive connections to school and community, using the vector of sport. This unique program connects local schools, clubs and communities in a simple model that has the potential to reduce social and emotional isolation for the participants and their families and, in turn, potentially improve educational and wellbeing outcomes. Team Connect facilitates partnerships between the local government high school, the local community cricket club and the local council.

WA Cricket Foundation (Cricket)
The WA Cricket Foundation is driving change in the lives of young women, fostering connections with Aboriginal communities, and creating safe spaces for young people of all abilities to find belonging and enhance their physical and mental wellbeing – all through the game of cricket. The Foundation focuses on three key pillars – Young Women in Cricket, Aboriginal Cricket, and People with a disability. The Aboriginal Cricket pillar focuses on sharing a greater understanding of the benefits of physical and mental health through tailored programs which use cricket as a vehicle to create a safe space for open conversation and awareness.

The 2023 WA Sport Awards will be presented on Thursday, 29 February 2024 at HBF Stadium. Tickets are on sale now, purchase your ticket HERE.


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